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dam uplaod limit

2016-03-24 01:35:52 by ahmonza

cant all my work on here but i can redirect you another site i use to upload my work

so there lots more to see warning deviantart has no standerds... so if you surf the site you might see somthing you can cant unsee


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2016-03-24 16:46:36

Dang it! Ah well, I can still peek there to see what you've got.

Regarding lore in D&D, you can play it pretty loose if you want. The best indicator of which monsters are in charge are their Challenge Rating (CR), so a higher number there often indicates a more badass creature. You don't have to worry about every piece of info in their stats, but some people like to do that.

This might be annoying with dragons though, technically every stage in their life cycle counts as its own creature, but if you were to do that, this project would take forever.

Also, some monsters aren't their own thing, but just templates put onto other monsters. If you don't want to repeat any monsters, you could use humans as a base as they don't have their own entry. If a human wouldn't be applicable or interesting, you could go into the animal and vermin sections and spice those up a little. A 'dog' might not be worth drawing, but a 'fiendish dog' may be more worth your time.

Once more, good luck. :)

ahmonza responds:

thanks for the info it would be an understatement if i said hard, but at least the project is serving its purpose